Grass Fed Versus Grain Fed Meat!

Grass Fed Versus Grain Fed: Does Food Tastes Best The Way Nature Meant It To Be?

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Grain Feeding

Unless you work on a farm, or live somewhere near one, or are a veterinarian, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about whether or not that steak came from a grass fed or grain fed cow.

Most people don’t give it much thought, or at least not until recently. Further examination of the grass fed versus grain fed cow issue has revealed some interesting new information.


A grass fed cow is a cow that is raised primarily on outdoor grasses and grains. A grass fed cow is typically allowed to graze in a pasture during the better part of the day, barring bad weather. A grass cow is not fed any kind of special feed, and is not normally given any kind of medication except in case of disease.

Organic farms are one place you will find these kind of cows. On an organic farm no chemicals of any kind are used anywhere at all. From calf to cow, from grass to tank, all organic products are chemical free. Accidentally tainted product is quickly disposed of.

grasscow 300x200 Grass Fed Versus Grain Fed Meat!

Feeding on Grass

Grass Fed Versus Grain Fed Clarification: There is no such thing as an exclusively grain fed cow. A cow cannot survive on grain alone. They need fiber to digest their food, same as anyone else with a stomach. Calves can be weaned from their mothers as early as three months, but that is the exception not the rule. Most ranchers like to wait a bit longer before weaning. They may be released to graze for a time before being moved to the feedlots, which is where grain fed cattle are typically housed and raised.

Even there the cow is not fed exclusively grain. While grain, in most cases corn, is the primary staple, cows also need fiber in their diet. The easiest way to accomplish this is to give the animals the whole plant to eat. Most of the beef currently available is corn fed, but even grass fed cows spend time eating grains at a feedlot before being shipped to market.. Having them inside simplifies the problem of managing them, and reduces the possibility that they will get sick before being shipped out.

Grass Fed Versus Grain Fed: What Tastes Better?

People who favor grass fed beef say that the finished steak is tastier, and much reduced in fat content. And recently concerns have been raised over the use of medications and chemicals in the grains. Antibiotics are often used, in cattle they promote growth and add mass quickly. However the person consuming this steak will then consume the antibiotic as well.

In an extreme case this might trigger a potentially harmful allergic reaction. In not so extreme cases over time an immunity to said antibiotic is built up. And that might turn into a problem later down the road. Doctors claim that cattle exposed to antibiotics are responsible for the continued spread of MRSA.

Cooking grass fed versus grain fed steaks can be a challenge for first timers. Read this article on where to buy grass fed steak and at the bottom is a little tip to help you cook a better steak.

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