Simplest Way To Cook Filet Mignon

What would you need to prepare the perfect filet mignon?

It’s actually simple if you look at it and try to make it yourself. All you need is:

  • Filet Mignon Steaks, approx. 6 oz each, and 2 inches thick
  • Olive Oil
  • Table Salt and Pepper

Prepping and Cooking Filet Mignon

It’s totally acceptable if you are nowhere close to an amateur cook or don’t even know anything about steaks of any kind. The way to prepare the perfect Filet Mignon is actually simple and you’ll be highly surprised!

  1. First thing’s first, you have to make sure that you take the Filet Mignon out of the Freezer and make sure it attains the room temperature. That usually takes less than half an hour.
  2. Preheat your oven to 430F.
  3. Season the meat with pepper and salt. It is recommended that you use about ¼ - 1/8 of salt and pepper, depending on how much you like it.
  4. Use a Saute Pan to heat the olive oil in it. Make sure the olive oil gets heated just as much as medium-high. Also, make sure the pan you’re using is stainless steel and not the non-stick one.
  5. Put the Filet Mignon in the pan and let them cook for exactly 4 minutes without flipping any side at all. Once the 4 minutes over, flip them over and do the same for 4 minutes.
  6. Following the previous step, what you have to do now is immediately put the pan in the oven. Let it stay there depending on much you want it done. It takes around 7 minutes to be done medium, 6 for rare medium and 5 for rare.
  7. Once done, take out the pan and remove the Filets and wrap them in foil. Let them stay like that for 5 minutes. Once done, spoon the juice gently and you’re done!'


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Simple Filet Mignon

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