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New York Strip Steak Reviews

New York strip steak is counted among the most popular cut among the beef lovers. This steak is usually sold with a layer of half inch fat running on one side. However, once cooked, this fat can be removed in order to add flavor to the dish. More detailed study on this well known cut is as below;

This cut comes from the short loin part of the beef. The tenderloin extends till the short loin. The T-bone usually has a part of strip steak and the tenderloin fillet. New York strip steak is usually the one without the bone. The steak that includes a bone is called as ‘Kansas City Strip’ or ‘Bone in New York.’ Steaks usually are single muscles and hence are easy to cut and cook. They have less connective tissues or fat than the one found in between muscles.

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What We're Looking For In Our New York Strip

New York Strip Breakdown

Strip steaks are tender in nature. The good fat marbling around the flesh makes it tender and juicy. However, it also tends to be chewy in case of overcooked. This cut is loaded with strong beefy and nutty flavour. The fat also gives it a buttery flavour. It is the favourite portion of steakhouses. This is because they are very easy to cut, cook and eat. They can be easily trimmed with no large fat pockets. The New York strip is ranked by the USDA choice.

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Best Way To Cook New York Strip

This portion is best when grilled, broiled or pan fried. Chefs believe that cooking a perfect New York strip needs practice and skill. A New York strip is considered to be perfectly done when the centre is juicy and the exterior remains charred. Marinating before the cooking process is done in order to add up to the flavour of the meat. This flesh can be cooked on low temperature so that all the juices are released evenly. This makes the meat juicy and tender. The easy method to add flavour to this meat is to marinate it and keep it wrapped in the refrigerator for overnight. This would infuse the spices within the meat tissues making it more flavoursome.

Hence, from the above we understand the origin, taste and methods of cooking that can be used in order to get a tasty New York strip steak. The flavours that it produces makes it the crowd favourite irrespective of the other cuts available.