Porterhouse Steak Reviews

Porterhouse has earned quite a name for itself in the beef industry in the recent years. These are steaks of beef which are usually cut from the rear end of the short loin of the cow. Actually, Porterhouse is an oversized T-Bone steak which is cut much thicker as compared to its cousin. Moreover, you get to enjoy more of the tenderloin when compared to the loin portion.

In fact, Porterhouse steak is a dish for two people who are really hungry. Moreover, it is also termed as the ‘emergency’ steak. The reason is that it can be cooked in no time and can be served easily when you have those unexpected visits from your friends and family. As it lacks collagen in the tissue, it requires much less time to prepare.

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Things To Know When Buying Porterhouse Steaks

Spices which can enhance the taste of Porterhouse steak

Spices are known to be great enhances when it comes to preparing beef. However, with so many spices available in the market, it may get a little tough to find that ideal most spice. Well, Herbes de Provence can be a perfect choice when it comes to spice rubs as well as Porterhouse marinates. A blend of thyme, rosemary, oregano, and savory, it is sure to add that extra pinch of flavor to the Porterhouse dish. Moreover, you can also go for spices having dried lavender. The earthly flavor provided by dried lavender can be an ideal accomplice for juicy Porterhouse steak.

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Tips for Buying Porterhouse Steaks

There are some useful tips which can assist you in buying that perfect Porterhouse steak imperative for preparing a juicy dish.

When you are buying Porterhouse steak, always try to look for one cut which is at least ¾ inch thick to 1-inch thick. Do not buy thin cut slices as they are actually pointless. A Porterhouse steak needs to be thick to be cooked to perfection.

Remember, a good quality Porterhouse will have a rich color without having any grays. Moreover, the fat of the steak should be white colored and not having a yellow color. It should also have a good marbling, especially the loin portion.

You can cook Porterhouse steak in every way you want. However, the best is to grill the Porterhouse steak. Though you can even boil, sauté, or even pan fried, the best way is to grill it for getting the perfect dish.